SOSTANAH - Direct shear experiments on root-permeated soils under partially saturated conditions

Published: 16 August 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y7w4jb37gc.1
Anil Yildiz


Vegetation, hydrological and mechanical characteristics of root-permeated soils tested in direct shear under partially saturated conditions. RB: Dry weight of roots in bottom box [g] RT: Dry weight of roots in top box [g] R: Dry weight of all roots [g] AGBW: Dry weight of woody AGB [g] AGBN: Dry weight of non-woody AGB [g] AGB: Dry weight of all AGB [g] UW: Bulk unit weight [kN/m^3] Void: Void ratio [-] Suction: Matric suction at the end of shearing [kPa] PeakSuction: Matric suction at the peak shear stress [kPa] WCS: Water content at the surface [%] WCM: Water content at the shear zone [%] WCB: Average water content [%] Saturation: [%] T_Max: Peak corrected shear force [N] dx_Max: Shear displacement at which the peak corrected shear force occurs [mm] N_Max: Applied normal load at which the peak corrected shear force occurs [N] Sigma: Net normal stress [kPa] Tau: Maximum shear stress [kPa]



Eidgenossische Forschungsanstalt fur Wald Schnee und Landschaft


Shearing, Unsaturated Soil, Root