Materials for calibrating four complex virtual environments through acoustic simulations

Published: 27 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y7xnv6xg5s.1
Giulia Fratoni


The present repository provides the necessary data to perform the acoustic simulation of four peculiar spaces: a historical opera house (TCB); a modern opera house (DUS), an elliptical concert hall (STC), and a university lecture hall (ULH). Folders contain the 3D virtual models (SketchUp 2019), the main results of acoustic measurements (Room criteria according to IS0 3382, IEC 60268), the boundary conditions for FDTD code (normalized LRC coefficients employed as input data in FDTD simulations to approximate frequency-dependent boundary admittances), the corresponding energy parameters employed in GA++ simulations (absorption and scattering coefficients), and finally the simulated impulse responses through FDTD techniques. The data are intended to allow any other researcher in the room acoustics simulation field to reproduce the calibration of the four spaces. All the details relative to the environments, the models, the measurements, the calibration procedure, the codes employed and the final results are provided in the work presented in the Ph.D. thesis "Standardization of procedures and calculation models for the numerical simulation of acoustics in enclosed spaces", by Giulia Fratoni for the University of Bologna in collaboration with the Acoustics and Audio Group of the University of Edinburgh.



Theater, Materials Property, Finite Difference, Room Acoustics Modeling, Room Acoustics Simulation