SPEECh Model for Study on Grid Impacts of Charging Infrastructure Access

Published: 17 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y872vhtfrc.1
Siobhan Powell,


This data set accompanies the github repository - https://github.com/SiobhanPowell/speech-grid-impact - and supports the research paper, "Charging infrastructure access and operation to reduce the grid impacts of deep electric vehicle adoption", submitted in 2021. This paper uses a novel, data-driven model of electric vehicle drivers' charging behaviours to study the grid impacts of charging infrastructure access and control at deep levels of electric vehicle adoption. The files here include five folders: (1) a Data folder containing models of driver charging behaviour that should be downloaded to run the Github model; (2) normalized load profiles for each driver group, giving the per vehicle daily load profile in kW; (3) the charging profiles produced for each of the main WECC grid scenarios studied in the paper; (4) the control objects learned to model workplace charging control; and (5) objects needed to run the grid dispatch model. Authors: Siobhan Powell (siobhan.powell@stanford.edu), Gustavo Vianna Cezar, Liang Min, Prof Ines Azevedo, and Prof Ram Rajagopal (ramr@stanford.edu).


Steps to reproduce

Please refer to the Github repository: https://github.com/SiobhanPowell/speech-grid-impact. Also to be available at https://github.com/Stanford-Sustainable-Systems-Lab.


Stanford University


Long-Term Planning of Power System, Electric Vehicles, Smart Grid