Relaxation data for commercial NMC and LFP cells

Published: 27 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y8nstxmdrg.1
, Matthieu Dubarry


Benchmark Relaxation Dataset ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This dataset contains the electrochemical and relaxation data referenced in the publication entitled 'Benchmark dataset for the study of the relaxation patterns of commercial NMC811 and LFP cells' published in Cell Reports Physical Science. The dataset includes data gathered during the execution of protocol 1 and protocol 2, established in the paper. The full electrochemical data consists of MACCOR txt files with the full cell history of one cell per folder. Details for each cell is included in a readme file included in each folder. P1 stands for protocol 1 and P2 for protocol 2. UP and DOWN refers to the temperature direction for protocol 2. UP was used when the temperature increased from 25 to 55oC in 5oC increments. DOWN was used when the temperature was decreased from 30 to -15oC in 5oC increments. The relaxation only data is contained in a zip file with ".mat" extensions, which follows the binary format used by MATLAB. The data within each file is organized based on the relaxation following charge or discharge cycles. Within each relaxation data double, five columns are present: 1. Voltage (V) 2. Time (s) 3. C-rate of the previous step (hr) 4. Depth-of-discharge (%) 5. Temperature (degC) More information is provided in the readme file. Examples of utilization are provided in the m file.



University of Hawaii System


Lithium Battery, Relaxation


Accure Battery Intelligence GmbH

Office of Naval Research