Data on drying kinetics, moisture sorption isotherm, composition study of Ethiopian oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus mushroom) drying in tray dryer

Published: 4 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y8yrky75b2.1


The data included in this dataset are drying parameter optimization using RSM-BBD, which describes an experiment where Response Surface Methodology (RSM) with a Box-Behnken Design (BBD) was used to find the optimal drying conditions (temperature, air speed, and mass) for minimizing the moisture content of dried oyster mushrooms, and the description of drying kinetics data presents data on how the moisture content of oyster mushrooms changes over time at different drying temperatures. The drying kinetics data includes figures and tables with parameters derived from a drying kinetics model. The data also presents the description of moisture sorption data, which focuses on the relationship between moisture content and water activity in oyster mushrooms at different temperatures, and the description of mineral composition, proximate analysis, and functional group data, which presents data on the composition of fresh and dried oyster mushrooms.


Steps to reproduce

Drying kinetics and moisture sorption isotherm data were obtained from the drying experiments using a tray dryer (CCTD/SCADA, Edibon, Spain) and water activity experiments using a water activity meter (Aqua Lab 4TE, USA) for oyster mushrooms. Functional groups and elemental or mineral compositions of oyster mushrooms were obtained using FTIR and AAS. Proximate values of oyster mushrooms were obtained from experimental investigations. Some of the data included here are published, and some are unpublished raw data.


Wollo University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University


Food Engineering, Food Drying, Food Composition, Optimization in Food Engineering, Heating (Food Preservation)