Real driving emissions data: University of Pretoria

Published: 21 March 2023| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/y9pjtt5ngc.6
Johan W. Joubert


Real driving emissions (RDE) collected using a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) unit. We recommend you read the version history of this data set to get the complete picture. This data set includes the RDE records of different vehicles: - Isuzu FTR850 AMT (Road-Rail Vehicle) medium heavy vehicle with a Euro 3 classification (file: public-rrv.csv). - Ford Figo 1.5 (1498ccm, 91kW) Trend hatchback light passenger vehicle with a Euro 6 classification (132g/km) (file: public-figo.csv). - Toyota Etios 1.5 (1496ccm, 66kW) Sprint hatchback light passenger vehicle with a Euro 6 classification (138g/km) (file: public-etios.csv). Changes in this version: - The ensemble of trips with the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport's Toyota Etios, was added in version 5 and contained two route deviations. The first was in trip 3 at 28.307E 25.7178S. The second was in trip 4 at 28.1998E 25.7735S. In this version of the data, the deviations were removed from the data sets.


Steps to reproduce

The equipment setup and the experimental design is discussed in the Data in Brief article titled "Real Driving Emissions: Isuzu FTR850 AMT".


Emissions, Diesel Emissions, Truck