The level of self-esteem of hard of hearing children. Can participating in dance lessons with the vibratonal headphones iprove it?

Published: 13 October 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yb8vnnc3ky.1
JOANNA Borowiec


The experiment involved 28 hard of hearing children aged 9–13 years old attending special schools for deaf children in Poland. Two study groups were distinguished: an experimental (E) and a control (C)one. Children from the experimental group participated in two compulsory physical education lessons, and two experimental dance lessons a week for a period of four months. To allow reception of acoustic vibrations of music, vibrational headphones were used, which reinforced the so–called bone conduction of music. To measure the level of self-esteem, Polish adaptation of The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale was used.