Long time series of responses from single neurons

Published: 11 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ybn82tr8rk.1
Shimon Marom, Asaf Gal


Data from a research published by Gal, et al. (see file 2010a-JNeurosci.pdf). Background: Although neuronal excitability is well understood and accurately modeled over timescales of up to hundreds of milliseconds, it is unclear whether extrapolating from this limited duration to longer behaviorally relevant timescales is appropriate. In this study we used an extracellular recording and stimulation paradigm that extends the duration of single-neuron electrophysiological experiments, exposing the dynamics of excitability in individual cortical neurons over timescales hitherto inaccessible. The neurons are decoupled from their networks by means of pharmacology that blocks synaptic transmission. Explanation for attached files: 2010a-JNeurosci.pdf is the relevant paper Neuron1_25Hz.txt -- binary response sequence of a neuron that was stimulated for 55 h with a continuous series of pulses delivered at 25 Hz. 20090305_16B_20hz.txt, 20090305_45A_20hz.txt, 20090305_37A_20hz.txt, 20090305_47B_20hz.txt, 20090305_23A_20hz.txt -- binary response sequences of five simultaneously recorded neurons from a 24 h experiment, under continuous 20 Hz stimulation.



Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Neuronal Excitability, Neuron, Neuronal Activity, Time Series