U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Regional-Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, 1993-2000

Published: 2 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ycpdp644sv.1
Stephen Hale


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional-EMAP (Environmental Monitoring and Assessment) program was initiated to test the applicability of the EMAP approach to answer questions about ecological conditions at regional and local scales. Using EMAP's statistical design and indicator concepts, R-EMAP conducted projects at smaller geographic scales and in shorter time frames than the national EMAP program. These studies were done in cooperation between the Office of Research and Development and one of the ten EPA Regional Offices. The objectives of R-EMAP were to: (1) Evaluate and improve EMAP concepts for state and local use (2) Assess the applicability of EMAP indicators at differing spatial scales (3) Demonstrate the utility of EMAP for resolving issues of importance to EPA Regions and states



Environmental Monitoring