Dataset of tree inventory and canopy structure in poplar plantations in Northern Italy

Published: 7 June 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ycr7w5pvkt.2
Francesco Chianucci


The repository stores data collected in 38 square (50 x 50m) 0.25 ha plots representative of poplar plantations in Lombardy Region (Northern Italy), which were used to calibrate optical informations derived from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and satellite (Sentinel-2) sensors. In each plot, the diameter at breast height (D) was measured using a caliper. Tree height (H), stem volume (Vst) and crown volume (Vcr) were derived from D using allometric equations developed in an independent study (Chianucci et al. 2020: Additional canopy attributes were derived in each plot from 12-20 optical images obtained using digital cover photography (DCP), following the procedure described by Chianucci 2020 ( The raw datasets consist of 3312 records (trees) associated to inventory measurements and 824 records (images) associated to optical canopy measurements. An R code was also provided to calculate plot-level attributes from raw datasets.


Steps to reproduce

Tree allometry used to estimate tree height and volume from poplars derived from an independent study (Chianucci et al. 2020: Digital cover photographic (DCP) measurements collected and processed using the methodology described by Chianucci 2020 ( Dataset described in Chianucci et al. 2021 (


Tree, Canopy Radiation Model, Inventory