Data for: 3621735 Evaluation of the "Tipping Point" to the Widespread Uptake of Battery Electric Vehicles in China

Published: 8 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ycxvv74dyv.1
Zeyu Geng


This data set is the raw data gathered from various online sources with an aim to contribute to the creation of the paper. This data set includes the following data: 1. China Battery Electric Vehicles Sales 2013-2020 2. China New Energy Vehicles Sales 2013-2020 3. China Overall Passenger Vehicle Sales 2013-2020 4. General Power Battery Price Trend 2010-2019 5. Class A00, A, B, and C Vehicles Purchasing Price Parity Comparison Example 6. Class A00, A, B, and C Vehicles Cross Comparison within Their Own Class 7. General Conclusion Graphing to Purchasing Price Parity 8. Total Cost of Ownership from Various Driving Modes from Different Class Models 9. General TCO Graphing Conclusions 10. Other Major Countries BEV's Penetration Rate (Norway, Switzerland) 11. Major OEMs Electrification Strategies



Penetration, Energy Policy in China, Electric Vehicles, Motor Vehicles