mHeart - mHealthCare Platform Adapted to the Heart Transplant Population - Technical Specifications and Software Source Code

Published: 28 September 2019| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/yf2dgcfmmh.4


The information is provided to increase the data transparency and the scalability of eHealth research and particularly the mHeart studies scalability. This dataset contains relevant information on: - The mHealthCare Platform Technological Description and Specifications. This file aims to describe the general mHealthcare Platform developed by the private firm which has been thereafter adapted to the heart transplant specifications (mHeart System). - The mHeart source code description of the 3 applications (website, app Android, app Apple) and storage location. - A video of the clinical use of the mHeart mobile application. - An apk file with a DEMO (Spain Version 2015). Please, notice that this is a dynamic process. Multiples versions will be uploaded since mHeart was developed. Consult the DEMO access directly on Stores. - User Guidelines (Spain Version 2015) - Scientific Authorship Statement - mHeart trademark - the mHeart System funding and reimbursement model. The mHealthCare Platform is an internet-based system to carry out integral healthcare for disease and therapy management in any population. The first version uploaded in Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (HSCSP) was directed at transplant populations and was specifically adapted to the heart transplant population in the ambulatory setting. The mHeart program has been classified by authors as a Behavior Intervention Technology (BIT) to facilitate the following overall clinical goals: (1) health behavior change (i.e. increase patients’ healthy behaviors and prevent the onset of disease); and (2) targeted disease management (i.e. facilitate therapeutic interventions and improve patient’s self-management). The mHeart tool is a mobile phone app connected to a website for use by providers and patients. The tool can be used simultaneously on distinct devices to facilitate caregiver and guardian support. The mobile application can be downloaded for free from the Google and Apple online stores. The website link is The system was developed by Socioemprende SL Technical Team. Scientific advice was provided by the heart transplant interdisciplinary healthcare team and directed by the Pharmacy Department, HSCSP. For further questions about the System, please contact with the scientific coordinator Mar Gomis-Pastor:


Steps to reproduce

Please, if there is any problem related with the DEMO contact with the scientific coordinator Mar Gomis-Pastor ( or the Technical Director ( Patient DEMO: • User: MarGom05 • Password: IQjOH0CE3c Provider DEMO: • User: nabmedtc • Password: TrilemaSalud2018 Website link: (or available 2019: Apple Store "mHeart": Google Store "mHeart":


Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Institut de Recerca, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


Software, Transplantation, Innovation, Internet-Based Information Systems, Source Coding, Telemedicine, Therapeutics, Heart Transplantation, Telemedicine in Cardiology, Polypharmacy, Healthcare Research, Lifestyle Modification, Interdisciplinary Care, Motivational Interviewing, Comorbidity, Medication Therapy Management Service, Medication Adherence, e-Health, Mobile Health, Achievement Behavior