The Binding Prediction Model of The Iron-responsive Element Binding Protein and Iron-responsive Elements

Published: 28 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yfxthhhdtp.1


Iron is essential to fulfilling an indispensable role in the biological process in human physiology. Various proteins were known involved in iron metabolism. One of the proteins called iron-responsive element binding protein (IRP) which acts as master iron of cellular iron homeostasis. There are two IRP known to date, which is: IRP1 and IRP2. Previous studies showed IRP bind to iron-responsive elements (IRE) located in 5’-UTR of the transferrin receptor 1. The interaction of IRP/IRE is well studied through many years to find a better treatment for the cellular disorder in iron metabolism. However, the structural differences of both IRP and the binding prediction model of IRP/IRE remain unclear. This dataset provides structure predictions of IRP/IRE by using reliable bioinformatics tools .



Protein-RNA Interaction, Computational Bioinformatics, Molecular Docking, Protein Structure Prediction