The impacts of weather, climate and climate change on EMS and ED - Literature search data

Published: 13 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yg2wg75gk5.1
Heini Karstila


A literature search was conducted to review the impacts of weather, climate and climate change for EMS and ED. The search was conducted 06/2022. The study process is presented in Table 1. The search included articles published 2012–2022, languages were Finnish & English, databases were Medic (in Finnish), CINAHL, PubMed and also grey literature was included.


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The literature search process 1. Search design: • Subject: Impacts of weather and climate for emergency medicine service and emergency department from the aspect of climate change • Inclusion criteria: published 2012–2022; languages Finnish & English; databases Medic (in Finnish), CINAHL, PubMed, grey literature; Full text available; Context EMS or ED and climate change 2. Search terms: • Medic (in Finnish): ilmasto* OR kasvihuoneilm* AND ensihoi* OR akuuttihoi* OR ensia* OR päivysty* OR sairaankuljetu* OR ambulanssi* • PubMed (search with Abstract/Title inclusion criteria) & CINAHL: “climate change*” OR “global warming” OR “greenhouse effect” OR “climate crisis” AND “emergency treatment” OR "emergency medical treatment" OR “emergency medicine” OR “emergency care” OR “prehospital care” OR “acute care” OR ”emergency medical service*” OR “medical emergency service*” OR “hospital emergency service*” OR “first aid” OR “after-hours care” OR “after hours care” OR “out-of-hours medical care” OR “out of hours medical care” OR “transportation of patients” OR ambulance* OR “pre-hospital” 3. Results: • Medic: 2 results  2 studies excluded (studies do not meet the inclusion criteria)  Total studies included 0 • CINAHL: 66 results  46 excluded (studies do not meet the inclusion criteria), 6 no access, 2 weak quality  Total studies included 12 • PubMed: 76 results  36 studies excluded (studies do not meet the inclusion criteria), 11 no access, 4 weak quality, 11 duplicates  Total studies included 14 • Grey literature: Total studies included 4 (2 in English + 2 in Finnish) 4. Thematic analysis 5. The final themes about climate-related impacts for EMS and ED: 1) workload 2) morbidity and accidents 3) organization and management in EMS and ED


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Emergency Medical Service, Climate, Climate Change, Emergency Department, Weather