Effect of Quillaja saponaria extract on slugs and potworms

Published: 17 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ygycp74jrf.1
mantas adomaitis,
Grita Skujienė


Data from six experiments with Quillaja saponaria extract. "Slugs adult 15C" - adult Arion lusitanicus slugs at 15 °C; "Slugs juv 15C" - juvenile A. lusitanicus slugs at 15 °C; "Slugs adult 2C" - adult A. lusitanicus slugs at 2 °C; "Slugs adult -1C" - adult A. lusitanicus slugs at -1 °C; "Worms 6C" - Enchytraeus albidus potworms at 6 °C; "Worms -1C" - E. albidus potworms at -1 °C; "dose" - concentration of Q. saponaria extract g/l; "survived" - number of survived individuals in each group; "out of" - number of all tested individuals in group.