Automatic Gauze Tracking in Laparoscopic Surgery using Image Texture Analysis

Published: 15 Dec 2019 | Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/yh2yxwbc9m.3

Description of this data

This dataset contain the code, training, test images and the results of the analysed algorithms: LBP|VAR, CLBP and the convolutional neuronal network ResNet50.
In results/TruePosit_FalsePosit_FalseNeg appears in GREEN the blocks correctly classified as gauze (true positives), in RED the blocks wronly classified as gauze (false positives) and in YELLOW the blocks where the gauze has not been detected (false negatives).
results/blockValues contains the test images with the percentage of probability overprinted that the block is gauze, according to the neuronal network.

Experiment data files

  • CNN
    • code
    • results
      • blockValues
      • TruePosit_FalsePosit_FalseNeg

Steps to reproduce

LBP|VAR contains the code of the
CNN contains the results and code for training and test the neural network. code/ contains the neural network

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