Data for: Railway and road infrastructure in the Belt and Road Initiative countries: Estimating the impact of transport infrastructure on economic growth

Published: 28-02-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yhsk2j7hn6.1
Chao Wang,
Xinyi Zhang


The study area includes 65 BRI countries. However, due to limited data availability, only 64 countries were used to analyze the economic growth (PCGDP), 62 countries were used to analyze the rail infrastructure (RAIL), and 49 countries were used to analyze the road infrastructure (ROAD) in the analysis of the spatial-temporal characteristics and spatial autocorrelation. Among the BRI countries, only 42 countries have simultaneous data on RAIL, ROAD, and PCGDP. The existing spatial econometrics are codes for balanced panel data. Therefore, only 42 countries are selected for the empirical study.