Educational television in school and preadolescents’ gender attitudes and beliefs

Published: 17 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ym23p7mnf5.1
Helene Laporte


This mixed-design experimental study (N = 271, Mage = 10.34, SD = .77) contributes to the literature by examining the effects of watching and discussing an educational television program on gender in class on preadolescents’ gender attitudes and beliefs. Findings demonstrated that exposure to the program impacts preadolescents’ gender essentialism and their acceptance of and willingness to affiliate with gender nonconforming peers. Discussing the educational television content in class did not generate stronger findings. We further investigated the moderating role of gender typicality, gender role contentedness, and felt pressure from parents and peers.



School, Gender Stereotyping, Television Viewing, Preadolescence