Data for: Cordierite-bearing granitic rocks in South America: contrasting sources and conditions of formation

Published: 5 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ymdg7pz22v.1
Valderez Ferreira, Miguel Parada, Pablo Molina, Juana Rossi de Toselli, Joil Celino, Alcides Sial, Alejandro Toselli, Julio Saavedra


1- Major, trace and isotopic data of cordierite-bearing granites from Argentina, Brazil and Chile 2- Cordierite and biotite chemistry of cordierite-bearing granites from Argentina, Brazil and Chile 3- Representative isochemical P-T KFMASHN compositional system pseudosections of cordierite-bearing granites from Argentina and Brazil 4- Compositional isopleths of molar Fe/(Fe+Mg) in cordierite and MgO (wt.%) in biotite 5- Synthesis of the Argentina and Brazil cordierite forming conditions 6- Representative whole rock geochemistry used for KFMASHN normalized compositional system isochemical PT projections in Perple_X software 7- Summary of minerals and its associations with cordierite, as observed and described in the main text



Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology