Data for: Decoupling NDN caches via CCndnS: Design, Analysis and Application

Published: 17 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ymgvf8gsrx.1
Mostafa Rezazad,
Y.C. Tay


This data set is for running simulation for NDN and mostly on my CCndnS caching policy. some data for random and popularity based caching policies are provided as well. The name of the folders indicates the cache size of each Content Store (CS). Depends on topology of the network (Abilene, Chained and Chained with branches), there are different set of sources of files and content requesters. The measured values from client side is saved in a file with name ClinentX or Client_Rx. The data related to each router is presented in a file with the name of the router. For Abilene network, you can find the topology and the name of the routers in my paper. Be noted that in my paper routers' name starts from 1 (R1) but data files router name starts from 0. So R1 in the paper is R0 in the data set. There is one more file in each folder which provides the general information about the simulation like the cache size of each router, total Interests generated in the simulation or total network hit probability which is the probability of finding data from the network regardless of which router cached data. The name of some of the folders is like "alpha0.8". That means the parameter alpha for zipf distribution is set to 0.8 in this set of simulations. Folders with name "SLA" belongs to Service Level Agreement application that I explained in my paper. Many parameters can be found with value 0. These are parameters that I deactivated in this set of simulations but in general they can be measured. I used them for other studies.



Cache Memory, Networking