South American Business Environment Cost Index: reforms for Brazil

Published: 23 August 2021| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/ymtwtk79hm.5


The World Bank's Ease-of-Doing-Business is the most popular instrument for measuring the conditions of a country's business environment. While useful for directing investments and guiding reforms, researchers associate the EDBI with problems such as: very different country analyses, data quality and miscalculations. The data made available in this repository make it possible to build a new index that represents the costs of doing business in South American countries. The following data are available: (1) Expert influence; (2) Assessments carried out, as well as their conversion into matrices; (3) Calculation of consensus among experts, (4) EDBI Sub-Indices; (5) Indicators and data from the Uncertainty Analysis. The application of the Principal Component Analysis to the data (4) allows obtaining the weight of the Indicators available in (5).


Steps to reproduce

Expert Influence (1) and Assessments (1) are obtained through an interview. The Conversion of Assessments (2) are performed through functions presented by Ekel et al. (2020). Data (4) and (5) are available from the World Bank Data Bank. The Uncertainty Analysis (5) can be reproduced at Ekel, P., Pedrycz, W., & Pereira Jr, J. (2020). Multicriteria Decision-Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty: A Fuzzy Set Perspective. John Wiley & Sons.


Business, Economics, Indicator Analysis