Airfoil 360: s1210 Raw Wind Tunnel Data - 2017

Published: 6 September 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yn4hxc8m8y.1
D. Blake Stringer


This is raw wind tunnel data obtained for the s1210 airfoil between 0 and 360 degrees angle of attack. Two data conditions are presented: (1) Re = 50,000 and (2) Re = 100,000. The angles were adjusted in increments of one degree between 0° and 20°. From 20° to 360°, the angles were adjusted in increments of five degrees. At each new angle of attack, the airspeed was adjusted to ensure the proper Reynolds Number, and the force balance was allowed to stabilize. Upon stabilization, 20 data points were recorded for each angle to include the lift (L) and drag (D) forces as well as pitching moment (M).