Dataset for estimating the sharing economy impact on enterprises’ value

Published: 28-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ys7pxfx2pr.1
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Aleksandra Polyakova


The dataset responds to the growing concern of the researchers worldwide about the phenomenon of sharing economy and approaches to formalized evaluation of its impact. It contains time series of the existing sharing economy indices (STOXX Global sharing economy indices, Solactive Sharing Economy Index and INDXX US Sharing Economy Index) that are contrasted to the World’s major stock indices selected discretionarily. The three-step procedure was taken to obtain the data: indices selection, data arrangement, retriever algorithm design and implementation. The data are arranged in different spreadsheets to harmonize the countries’ trading calendar mismatch. The spreadsheets have uniform design to allow data aggregation and to increase usability. Together with the data we provide the adjustable retriever code to enable customization of the set of indices and the length of their time series. The data is provided in the two MS Excel spreadsheets: “EOM data”, “EOD data”. The “EOM” files contain end-of-month closing values of indices (the last trading day of a month), the “EOD” – end of a trading day closing values respectively. Each spreadsheet contains 13 tabs. Three tabs are delegated for composite sharing economies indices, all the rest are for the national indices. Tab 1 “Sharing STOXX” contains values of the following STOXX indices, related to the sharing economy or to the overall market performance: STOXX Global Sharing Economy Price USD Index; STOXX Global Sharing Economy Price EUR Index; STOXX Global Sharing Economy Drivers Price USD Index; STOXX Global Sharing Economy Drivers Price JPY Index; STOXX Global Sharing Economy Drivers Price EUR Index; STOXX Europe 600 EUR Price Index; EURO STOXX 50 EUR Price Index. Tab 2 “Sharing SOLACTIVE” contains values of the Solactive Sharing Economy (Total Return) Index. Tab 3 “Sharing Indxx” contains values of the INDXX US Sharing Economy Index. Tabs 4-13 contain selected national indices of the following countries: the USA (US), Germany (DE), France (FR), the United Kingdom (UK), Russia (RU) broad market and Russia specific market segments, Honk-Kong (HK), Japan (JP), the Netherlands (NED), Switzerland (CH). The data can be used to analyze patterns of value dynamics of specific enterprises – the sharing economy drivers and beneficiaries compared to the broad market. The dataset can be instrumental in country-specific research to draft a strategy and design, to formulate and test hypotheses with subsequent adjustments to the data if the ideas show proper evidence of plausibility.


Steps to reproduce

The data can be reproduced from the Thomson Reuters Eikon Terminal®. Alternatively, all the indices’ data can be downloaded directly from the respective website of a stock exchange or an index-provider. The length of time series was taken universal across all the tabs and followed the limitation of the longest available time series related to the sharing economy phenomenon: STOXX Global sharing economy indices had been quoted since 18 June 2012. This date was set to back-limit the retrospective for all the other indices (where this retrospective was available).