Processed Dataset for Sub-district Level Diurnal Variation of Surface Urban Heat Island Effect in Southern Metropolitan Cities of Korea

Published: 24 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ysc8fb2fk9.1
GiSeong JEON,


This dataset includes processed satellite-based LST products and land use data for analyzing the diurnal variation in the surface urban heat island effect in southern metropolitan cities of Korea. (1) ECOSTRESS LST data_after Daily Adjustment (2020-22): This dataset contains the results of daily adjustments performed on all ECOSTRESS LST observations with minimal data loss due to clouds, covering the study areas from 2020 to 2022. (2) GK-2A LST data_Aligned with ECOSTRESS Grid (2020-22): This dataset consists of GK-2A LST data with similar observation areas to the ECOSTRESS LST images used in the study and acquisition times within 15 minutes. To facilitate smooth research, these data have been aligned to the ECOSTRESS LST grid. (3) Seasonal Mean GK-2A LST data (2020-22): This dataset contains the results of calculating the mean LST data at 30-minute intervals throughout the day, based on GK-2A LST data for each season from 2020 to 2022. (4) Land use data (2022): (4-1) Medium-level land use data: 2022 land use raster data categorized according to the medium-level classification system provided by the Ministry of Environment of Korea. It includes a classification code table. (4-2) Urban and Rural boundaries code: Urban and rural area boundaries defined based on the land use data.



Pusan National University


GIS Database, Urban Climate, Satellite Remote Sensing