Dataset: Disrupted reinforcement learing during post-error slowing in the stop signal task

Published: 2 Jul 2019 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ysc9hfxndp.1

Description of this data

fMRI data from "Disrupted reinforcement learning during post-error slowing in ADHD"

All files are in NIFTI (.nii) format. All maps are in talairach (+tlrc) space. All directories contain an average anatomic file for display purposes.

Directories and contents:

maps-main study: Single subject activation maps used as input to ANOVA and correlation analyses (sub-brik#(0-13) = subject#(0-13)).
go = response-phase maps (i.e. (1/2)(left+right);
det = error detection maps;
pes = post-error slowing maps

e.g. "det-adhd" refers to error detection maps for all ADHD subjects - sub-brik #0 = subject #1 ... sub-brik #13 = subject #14.

maps-replication: Single subject activation maps (as above) for replication study.

Table 1 ANOVAS: Raw ANOVA output corresponding to Table 1 (and Supplementary Figure 1) for TD, ADHD, and group difference analyses (t* and estimate maps for Detect and Post-error slowing), and cluster-thresholded ANOVA outputs.
Files (sub-briks):

TD 0, 1: Full model estimate, F-stat(4,65)
2, 3: Fixate estimate, t*(13)
4, 5: Go estimate, t*(13)
6, 7: Stop-Go estimate, t*(13)
8, 9: Detect estimate, t*(13)

ADHD 0-9: same as above

0-4: Thresholded maps of %BOLD estimates during
Fixate, Go, Stop-Go, Detect, and PES

0-4: same as above

0, 1: Group difference estimate and t*(26) during Detect
2, 3: Group difference estimate and t*(26) during PES

0: Cluster thresholded group difference in %BOLD during Detect
1: Cluster thresholded group difference in %BOLD during PES

Table 2 ... Table 7: Raw correlation outputs (e.g. "SN-Det-go-td" refers to SN seed activity during error detection correlated with response-phase (i.e.go) activity in TD group) corresponding to Tables 2-7 (and Supplementary Figures 2-5).

Extra sub-briks are appended to correlation output files, one at the beginning and one at the end. The first appended sub-brik contains a cluster-thresholded map of B1 estimates, and the last appended sub-brik contains the raw, signed correlation coefficient 'r'

correlation file sub-briks
0: Thresholded map of B1 (slope term) estimates
1: Baseline offset (B0) estimate
2: Baseline offset t*(12)
3: Slope (B1) estimate
4: Slope t*(12)
5: Full F-stat (1,12)
6: Squared correlation (r^2)
7: Unsigned correlation coefficient (r)

Data corresponding to confirmatory analyses portrayed in Supplementary Figures 6 and 7 are identical to the thresholded corelation maps in substantia nigra (Table 3) and raphe nucleus (Table 4).

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    Published: 2019-07-02

    DOI: 10.17632/ysc9hfxndp.1

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