Bright Stars in Neighboring Constellations

Published: 18 June 2017| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/ysh53v7gpz.4
, Lingtian Wan,


This data set represents the backbone of the study by Keserci et al. titled 'Research Synergy and Drug Development: Bright Stars in Neighboring Constellations'. A manuscript is presently under review. The study focuses on citation networks that describe collaborative activity preceding the successful award of an NDA or BLA for a therapeutic from the FDA and is inspired by Williams et al. (2015) Cell 163: 21-23. The five columns in this dataset are (i) citing_pmid (ii) citing_sid (iii) cited_sid (iv) cited_pmid and represent mapping from PubMed IDs to Scopus IDs to Cited Scopus IDs and mapping back to PubMedIDs. The input was citing_pmid compiled from data mining of FDA documents, non-patent literature, PubMed, and and is contained in the five csv files (i) alem_eric_stage1 (ii) imat_eric_stage1 (iii) nela_eric_stage1 (iv) ramu_eric_stage1 (v) suni_eric_stage1) corresponding to the therapeutics Alemtuzumab, Imatinib, Nelarabine, Ramucirumab, Sunitinib respectively.


Steps to reproduce

Scripts that were used to generate the results in this manuscript can be found on the Github site listed below. Using the Python code to access Scopus APIs requires a subscription.