augmentation data for DAISM

Published: 22 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ysjwjvpnh3.1
Yating Lin


The purified dataset for data augmentation for DAISM-DNNXMBD can be downloaded from this repository. The pbmc8k dataset downloaded from 10X Genomics were processed and uesd for data augmentation to create training datasets for training DAISM-DNN models. pbmc8k.h5ad contains 5 cell types (B.cells, CD4.T.cells, CD8.T.cells, monocytic.lineage, NK.cells), and pbmc8k_fine.h5ad cantains 7 cell types (naive.B.cells, memory.B.cells, naive.CD4.T.cells, memory.CD4.T.cells,naive.CD8.T.cells, memory.CD8.T.cells, regulatory.T.cells, monocytes, macrophages, myeloid.dendritic.cells, NK.cells). For RNA-seq dataset, it contains 5 cell types (B.cells, CD4.T.cells, CD8.T.cells, monocytic.lineage, NK.cells). Raw FASTQ reads were downloaded from the NCBI website, and transcription and gene-level expression quantification were performed using Salmon (version 0.11.3) with Gencode v29 after quality control of FASTQ reads using fastp. All tools were used with default parameters.



Xiamen University


Bioinformatics, Deep Learning