Repository of 2D shapes with known roundness and sphericity

Published: 27 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ysky8r2wkd.1
Oscar Daniel Chuk


This repository contains 2D black and white jpg shapes with known Wadell roundness R and sphericity S. Its purpose is to serve as training and test images for roundness and sphericity measurement artificial vision algorithms, in particular with application to fracking sands. The dataset contains 1300 figures that cover the full range of possible combinations of roundness R and sphericity S with 0.1<R<0.9 and 0.15<S<1, with steps of 0.05 in both R and S. There are approximately 4.3 figures for each possible combination of R and S in the indicated ranges and steps. The basic data set is in the artificial500 folder, where the files are on average 500px wide. The same figures are available in smaller average sizes of 100px and 200px in the artificial100 and artificial200 folders, in order to test the insensitivity of the measurement algorithms to image accuracy. The artiShapes.xlsx excel sheet contains the true Wadell roundness and sphericity corresponding to each jpg filename.


Steps to reproduce

The procedure to generate the shapes is described in the article.


Universidad Nacional de San Juan Facultad de Ingenieria


Geology, Particle, Vision, Arithmetic Geometry