The cost-effectiveness of a uniform versus age-based threshold for one-off screening for prevention of cardiovascular disease

Published: 13 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ysm4yj24xh.1
Zuzana Špacírová,


The objective of these analyses was to assess the cost-effectiveness of screening strategies for CVD. A decision analytic model was constructed to estimate the costs and benefits of one-off screening strategies differentiated by screening age, sex and the threshold for initiating statin therapy (“uniform”: adj0 or “age-adjusted”: adj1). The analyses for men are performed in the spreadheet 'CVD_Screening_5_state_epiccvd_probs_exact_men_trend.determin.xlsx' which uses inputs from epiccvd_mstate_input_agescale_nfrs_1_frs08v3_sex1_v01.xlsx. The outputs (costs and QALYs) are copied into men.xlsx to calculate the net benefit of different screening strategies. Further explications are given in the spreadsheet 'CVD_Screening_5_state_epiccvd_probs_exact_men_trend.determin.xlsx'.



Cardiovascular Disease, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Markov Model