The Investigation of Early Metabolic Level Perturbation of Northern Quahog in Response to Brevotoxin

Published: 15 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ysrx6322tc.1
Bo Wang,


The study has two parts, the digestive glands and the gill which are in two different folders. For each folder, we have 70 samples and all the samples start with trial numbers. The trial information is as follows for both folders. Trial 1: reference tank; T1: first clam sample in the tank; T10: the 10th clam sample in the tank. Trial 2: 0.1 ppb Trial 3: 0.5 ppb Trial 4: 1 ppb Trial 5: 2 ppb Trial 6: 5 ppb Trial 7: 10 ppb



New College of Florida, Florida Institute of Technology


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance