GRAD evaluation results

Published: 7 September 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yswvvz8hjs.1
Renata Vaderna


Results of the evaluation of GRAD library. A study was carried out where the participants were shown 10 sets of 4 diagrams, each generated and automatically laid out using a different tool. They were asked to grade the overall aesthetics of each diagram, as weell as perform a task and rate the difficulty of completing it. The 4 tools which were compared were PowerDesigner, MagicDraw, Papyrus and Kroki and GRAD. All used diagrams are in the archive One folder represents data for one question. The first question's diagrams are in folder Examples 1, the second ones are in folder Examples 2 etc. The questions can be found grouped with the results in file Survey Results. The second phase of the evaluation consisted of rating the intuitiveness of a few code samples for triggering the process of laying out a diagram. GRAD was compared to JGraphX, JUNG framework and prefuse. The code samples are in file Finally, file background contains data of a background questionnaire.



Graph Theory, Computer Software