Published: 4 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yt7dd5mx8p.1
Rezuana Upoma,


MCSD100 is a dataset for object storage performance testing, based on the MSCOCO and semEval2017 datasets used in previous studies (Sherlock in OSS). The dataset is designed to evaluate the performance of the Open-Stack Swift cloud storage system, specifically its Erasure Coding policy and fragmentation capabilities. The dataset includes 25 files each of text, mp3, jpeg, and mp4 formats, representing real-world scenarios. By analyzing the behavior of these files under different EC schemes, the researchers gain valuable insights into OpenStack Swift's storage mechanisms. The dataset is openly available for reproducibility and further studies. The findings highlight OpenStack Swift's efficiency in handling different file types and sizes, making it suitable for enterprise data management, multimedia content platforms, image hosting, long-term data preservation, and collaborative content creation.



BRAC University Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Cloud Computing