COVID-19 Retractions June-November 2022

Published: 1 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yts7nxtyx4.1
Trent Taros


All data gathered from Retraction Watch Database, which was accessed in June and November 2022. The data show a higher total citation number per retracted article than would be expected based on the CiteScore of the journal they were published in. Data also show an increase in the number of citations for articles analyzed in both June and November. Tabs include "COVID Ret Data" which shows all retracted articles, "Inclusion only" which shows only articles meeting inclusion criteria within our manuscript, "Citations Jun vs Nov 2022" which compares citations between the two time periods and whether the articles have "retracted" or "withdrawn" prior to their title in Google Scholar, "Stratification (Ret Reason)" which was used to analyze the data based on reason for retraction and retracting party, "Charts" which was used to generated figures for the manuscript, and finally "Key" which was used to define variables for data collectors.



Publishing, Publication, COVID-19