Data for: Quantifying dynamic pressure and temperature conditions on fault asperities during earthquake slip

Published: 11 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ytytnx5bkh.1
Kathryn Hayward,
Charles Le Losq,
Stephen Cox


# Raw data Raw Raman spectra for Maps 1-3 are provided. # Codes for replicating data presented Figure 2 b, c, d; 6 a, b; 7 a , b - Supporting Data > Python Codes > Data_treatment.ipynb Figure 8 a, b - Supporting Data > Matlab Codes > Fictivetempcalib.m Figure 8 c - Supporting Data > Matlab Codes > Coolingrates.m Supporting Data > Matlab Codes > fdheat1d.m Figure 9 a, b - Supporting Data > Matlab Codes > Fictive.m # Requirements Python code was tested with: - Python 3.7 - Scipy version 1.4.1 - matplotlib version 3.1.3 - numpy version 1.18.1 - pandas version 1.0.3 - rampy version 0.4.5 To run the code, install all the above dependencies (we recommend using Anaconda Python as it provides most of them bundled together), then using a terminal (best in Linux or Mac OS as we used Unix relative paths) and type: >>> python This runs the code and generates the figures, which are saved in ./Python Codes/figures/ . You will need to create this folder in the same directory that the python script is saved. Matlab code was run with Matlab 2018b.