Data for: Modelling and Statistical Analysis of YouTube's Educational Videos: A Channel Owner's Perspective

Published: 1 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yv85ckvvvb.1
Samant Saurabh


The data contains YouTube analytics of a channel owner. It is of the format of excel and has sheets corresponding to video, geography, date, subscription status, YouTube Product, translation use, Device etc. Each of these data is in the form of a sheet in the excel file. It contains columns like Video title, Video ID, Video length (minutes), Video created, Watch time (minutes), Views, YouTube Red watch time (minutes), YouTube Red views, Average view duration (minutes),Card clicks, Cards shown, Clicks per card shown, Ad impressions, YouTube Red watch time (hours), Annotation clicks, Likes, Likes added, Likes removed, Dislikes, Dislikes added, Dislikes removed, Shares Comments, Videos in playlists, Videos added to playlists Videos removed from playlists, Subscribers, Subscribers gained Subscribers lost Average percentage viewed, Watch time (hours). Value of the data This data could be used by the scientific community to get a lot of information about the YouTube Educational videos, their statistics and user preferences and behaviours. Acknowledgements saurabhschool: References



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