Endoscopically-Assisted Targeted Keyhole Retrosigmoid Approaches for Microvascular Decompression: Quantitative Anatomical Study

Published: 5 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yvjr9gcvgk.1
EVGENII BELYKH, Naomi R. Onaka, Xiaochun Zhao, Claudio Cavallo, Kaan Yagmurlu, Ting Lei, Vadim Byvaltsev, Mark C. Preul, Peter Nakaji


SUPPLEMENTS. These are 3D virtual reality (3D VR) images of the targeted retrosigmoid approaches. To view 3D VR file (.swf), download the file and open it in Internet Explorer 9.0. Use side-by-side 3D viewing mirror glasses to view the images. You can click or scroll with a mouse to move the viewing point. Files are named based on the approach trajectory: - UPPER / MID / LOWER -- based on the position of the retrosigmoid keyhole in relation to the sigmoid sinus - fissure-suprafloccular / fissure-infrafloccular -- means that petrosal fissure was dissected and approach is directed above or below the flocculus respectively. - CN V / CN VII / LCNs -- final targeted cranial nerve (CN). LCNs - lower cranial nerves.



Barrow Neurological Institute


Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Neurosurgery, 3D Imaging, Cranial Nerve, Facial Nerve, Decompression of Nerve, Surgical Approach, Stereoscopy