The Dual Interaction Structure of " Information-Population" in the Diffusion of Emergency Information: An Empirical Study from China

Published: 11 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ywf3r2n8m5.1
Yongzhang He, Yang Wang, Linshi Ran


This database aims to document and share empirical research data on the dual interaction structure of "information-population" in the dissemination of emergency information in China. The study employs an information-population dual structure model to analyze the evolution of information and subject scales within the public opinion ecology during emergencies. The data contained within the database supports the model's fitting and predictive methods and offers general rules through simulation. The empirical research segment involves data from six categories of emergencies downloaded from the GsData platform, predicting the trends of population and information, with a significant enhancement in the model's fit after fine-tuning matrix processing.  Dataset Contents:  - Raw Data: Unprocessed data related to emergencies, including social media posts from various platforms, news reports, etc. - Hourly Data: Time series analysis of the original data, documenting the hourly volume of information and the number of participants. - Simulation Parameters: Parameters used to simulate the propagation patterns of emergency information dissemination.



Public Opinion, Information Dissemination, Dualism