Avian Diversity of Vettangudi Birds Sanctuary, Southern India

Published: 1 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ywvrn3kjz4.1
D. Kannan


Diversity of Birds and their utility of the floristic composition in the ephemeral ponds of Vettangudi Birds Sanctuary pond was studied for one year and the data were collected repeatdly in equal monthly intervals. The floristic composition of both aquatic, emergent and dry benthic zone vegetation of the pond greatly supports the migratory avian population for their sheltering, nest building and breeding. Best Correlations were found with the birds diversity with the avian species and poor correlation co-efficient was found with the individuals occurred during the study. The list of birds population is categorized using IUCN status and different category of migratroy nature.


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The data set can be used to compare the avian population of ephemeral ponds as well as permanent lakes, elsewhere. Further the vegetation diversity of the analyzed areas and its supporting mechanism to the visiting and nesting birds population will provide scientific ideas to evolve new guidelines and protocols for the proper wildlife management


Thiagarajar College


Avian Species