Geotagging Images using Geosetter in Google Earth Environment

Published: 2 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yxrfp9mszd.1
Pranav Pandya,


Attachment: Methodology flow diagram & Final Outputs in kmz Coordinates were required to be assigned to a set of 50 images which were to be taken manually by the user. So, Images had to be procured, their locations were to be known and the location was required to be inscribed in the Image Metadata. Step 1: Obtaining Images + Location Google Earth has Google Photos which are uploaded by Individual users. These photos were enabled in Google Earth and each image was copied and pasted in MS Paint and then saved with an appropriate name At each image, the location pins were placed to mark the coordinates for each image Step 2: Extracting the coordiantes The marked pin locations in Google Earth were saved as: Save My Places -> <Name>.kml This kml file was uploaded to to convert it into csv file to read the lat & long for each pinned markings Step 3: Embedding Coordinates in Image Metadata Geosetter Software enables us to embed coordinated in each Image file. Images were loaded in Geosetter and the subsequent coordinates were added with the Edit Data dialogue. The location name of each image was added in Object Name. The Images were then exported with thumbnail size=2000 and thumbnail={Object_Name}



Metadata, Earth