Bitcoin, euro, ether, SPY

Published: 21 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yy2sjvwwr6.1
Yorgos Marinakis,


The purpose of the dataset is to compare the diffusion of bitcoin, the euro, ethereum, and the security SPY. If the diffusion was r-shaped, then it occurred through environmental learning-based (individual learning-based) adoption; if the diffusion was s-shaped, then it occurred through cultural transmission-based adoption (Henrich 2001). The large-scale diffusion of technology-based products generally occurs through cultural transmission and traces out s-shaped curves (Marinakis 2012, Marinakis et al. 2018). The number of euros in circulation shows how currency diffuses. The time series of the total number of Bitcoin that have already been mined was obtained from Blockchain. The time series of the diffusion of the number of euro bank notes and coins was obtained from the European Central Bank website. For further comparisons and insights, diffusion data of another cryptocurrency, ether, and of a security, SPY, were also obtained. The data sets are comma delimited and comprise daily data. The file total-bitcoins.csv has the format: date, number of bitcoins minted The file euro.csv has the format: date, number of euros in circulation (bank notes and coins) The file ether.csv has the format: date, UnixTime, number of ether minted The file SPY.csv has the format: date, net asset value, shares outstanding, total net assets



University of New Mexico


Finance, Securities Market, Cryptocurrency