Zoomable scanning electron microscopy image of the chicken utricle at day 15 of embryonic development

Published: 8 September 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/yy3c72972w.2
Daniel C. Ellwanger, Mirko Scheibinger, Rachel Dumont, Peter Barr-Gillespie, Stefan Heller


Zoomable high-resolution scanning electron microscopy image of the E15 chicken utricle. The composite is stitched together from individual high-resolution images. This raw data was used to generate images presented in Fig. 1B and Fig. 4C of the manuscript entitled "Transcriptional Dynamics of Hair-Bundle Morphogenesis Revealed with CellTrails" by Ellwanger et al., 2018, published on June 5, 2018 in Cell Reports and available at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2018.05.002. The ≈560MB large file is stored in Photoshop large document format "PSB". Labels LES and MES indicate the lateral and medial extrastriolar regions. The two sets of five labeled boxes in the striola and MES, respectively, indicate cells depicted in Fig. 4C in the paper. SEM and image stitching was done by Rachel Dumont using the facilities of the Multiscale Microscopy Core, Oregon Health & Science University.



Stanford University School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Health & Science University Vollum Institute


Scanning Electron Microscopy