in-situ DRIFTS data of CO2 capture and methanation over 5% Ru/Al2O3 and 5%Ru,6.1"Na2O"/Al2O3 DFM

Published: 10 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yyd38gx4by.1
laura Proaño,
Edisson Tello Camacho,
Martha Cobo Angel


In-situ DRIFTS study of CO2 capture and methanation over Al2O3, 5% Ru/Al2O3, 6.1% "Na2O"/Al2O3 sorbent phase and 5% Ru-6.1% "Na2O"/Al2O3 DFM. Each experiment was carried out using 35 mg of the sample and in-situ pre-reduce with 20% H2/N2 for 2 hours. The sheets are named according to samples name and data type (raw and processed). Final DRIFTS were obtain by substracting backgroud spectra of the sample at 320 °C under N2.