PHELE: Completely Labelled Image Dataset for Physical Hazards of the Elderly Living Environment

Published: 26 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yzsxcvc8dp.1


The primary objective of the PHELE dataset is to facilitate the development of computer vision models and algorithms that can automatically detect potential hazards, which may pose a significant risk to the security and overall quality of life of the elderly. The dataset encompasses a diverse range of images, representing both indoor and outdoor settings commonly encountered in the living environments of elderly individuals. Each image in the dataset is accompanied by comprehensive labels and annotations. The labels denote different types of physical hazards that can exist in the living environment of the elderly, including but not limited to: Fire, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Chair,Hazardous electrical cords or wires, Lack of handrails or grab bars, Uneven or broken steps/staircases, Sharp edges or objects,Bed bugs, Mold/dampness, Peeling paint, Animal hair.



Chuzhou University


Computer Science, Computer Vision, Object Detection, Safety, Indoor Environment, Elder Care, Infrared Imaging, Home Safety