Dataset of Distribution Transformers at Cauca Department (Colombia)

Published: 17 September 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/yzyj46xpmy.4
Diego A Bravo M,


Dataset contains 16.000 electric power distribution transformers from Cauca Department (Colombia). They are distributed in rural and urban areas of 42 municipalities. The information covers 2019 and 2020 years, has 6 categorical variables and 5 continuous variables. First ones correspond to: location, self-protected, removable connector, criticality according to ceraunic level, client and installation type. Second ones are transformer power, burn rate, users number, unsupplied electricity and secondary lines length.


Steps to reproduce

You can open the files directly from Excel. Dataset of distribution transformers are connected to the operator's network at voltage levels of 13.2 [kV] and 34.5 [kV], located in rural and urban areas at Cauca Department (Colombia)


Electrical Engineering