Tropical Forest Species

Published: 9 December 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/yzzcbyvgmh.3
Carlos Felipe Ordoñez Urbano,


Macroscopic images were acquired in warehouses, where timber from the Pacific and Colombian Amazon region is aggregated and commercialized. Samples were taken by an expert from the environmental and forest governance department of the regional autonomous corporation of Cauca by cutting the transverse plane of the blocks. Then, each sample was moistened to increase contrast and reduce variation of physical properties. Each picture of every specie shows anatomical features that can be useful to recognize and structural studies. Besides it is a important contribution in order to use in timber system identification as a tranning data. Images resolution: Adjust to 640x480 pixels and raw images Magnification: 3.9 micrometres per pixel Area of interest: 2.5mm x1.9 mm Lighting: artificial provided by the capturing device - (Digital Microscope device)



Universidad del Cauca


Machine Learning, Wood Anatomy, Deep Learning, Timber