Matriz Noticias Caracol Representación mediática Paro Nacional

Published: 26 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/yzzj9f47wh.1
Daniel Correa


This data matrix was compiled under a news monitoring program. It has the "inn" of the presentation of the news about the "National Strike" in "Noticias Caracol" from April 27 to June 16, 2021, where you can analyze its content, the words used and the images used, Well, each news has a link where you can see the development. In another tab is the codebook and in the other the content analysis.


Steps to reproduce

the data collection was carried out at a single moment, and, in addition, it is also descriptive-interpretive, because the data were processed through content analysis under the model of Manuel Martín Serrano, where communication resources such as phenomenology were used and hermeneutics for the impartial analysis of the text. Data collection was carried out through manual and systematic review through a private news monitoring platform that determined which were the news related to the National Strike between April 27 and June 16 in Noticas Caracol in its different broadcasts, the texts were extracted through a global listening of the news to stay with the fundamental ideas that provide material for the compression of the information, the unit of analysis extracted from these broadcasts were the texts of the presentation of the notes of News Caracol, since they allow to know the way in which the news is introduced to the audience. After this, the texts were transcribed and organized in a matrix made up of the date of issue, the medium, the holder, the type of medium, the category and a nominal value was assigned to them based on their order of appearance. The matrix was made through the Siglo Data media monitoring platform where the statement of the news related to the national strike was sought, this matrix has the link of the note that aired, the inn or presentation text that makes the presenter or presenter and what they read on their TV promise, which is what is analyzed in this opportunity. The dates between April 27 and June 16 were chosen, since the strike began on the 28th, so the information was wanted from the day before the demonstrations began, until the 16th, the day on which the committee national strike decides to terminate it unilaterally.


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