Open source computational simulation for moth-inspired navigation algorithm

Published: 6 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z24p6yzxzs.1
Yiftach Golov


The goal of this project is to developed an open-source componential framework that can be used as a platform of a benchmark tool, that would allow to investigate the performance of bio-inspired olfactorial navigators (i.e. agents that locate an odor source via chemosensation), in a virtual turbulent environment. The open-source componential framework-‘MothPy' (package written in Python) developed by our team allows the user to adjust different indices regarding the behavior of the flyer (e.g. ground speed) or the behavior of the plume (e.g. meandering amplitude, puff spread rate). The bio-inspired navigators used in this project are male moths, which are known for expertise in locating a volatile odor source (i.e. female moth as the odor-source). The searching behavior of the simulated navigators was defined base on two navigation strategies that has been previously proposed. The archived data show the flight performance of multiple virtual moth-inspired navigators, in different simulated environments. To provide a comprehensive quantitative comparison we used the bio-statistical analyses commonly used in the neurotheological study of animals' locomotion.



Biomimetics, Applied Ecology, Computational Biology