Kucuk and Yildiz 3L-PDP benchmark instances

Published: 30 October 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z29ncb2khx.2
Mustafa KÜÇÜK


New instances consist of 56 instances derived from the PDP instances by Li & Lim (2001) and the Container Loading Problem instances by Bischoff & Ratcliff (1995). Each instance has 100 customers and up to 5000 boxes. The geographic data in problem sets ky_lr1 and ky_lr 2 are generated randomly, while those in problem sets ky_lc1 and ky_lc2 are clustered. Problem sets ky_lrc1 and ky_lrc2 have a combination of randomly generated and clustered structures. Sets ky_lr1, ky_lc1, and ky_lrc1 have a short scheduling period, while sets ky_lr2, ky_lc2, and ky_lrc2 have a wider scheduling period, enabling multiple customers to be served by the same vehicle. The instances were created concerning the loading volume provided by a 20 ft ISO container defined as dimensions L = 587, W = 233, and H = 220. All instances have five box types, and various numbers of these boxes are randomly distributed to customers. The weight capacity of the vehicles is determined as 10786 weight units, and this limit is independent of the volume capacity. In addition, fragility and stack direction limits are randomly defined for each box type.



Dokuz Eylul Universitesi


Vehicle Routing Problem, Packing Problem