Data for: Annual Growth Dynamics of Millettia stuhlmannii in Mozambique

Published: 24-07-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z2bsnj6ck9.1
Matthew Therrell,
Ivan Remane


Tree-ring data for Millettia stuhlmannii samples collected at the Catapú timber concession in Mozambique (18 degrees 00 minutes 05 seconds South and 35 degrees 08 minutes 13 seconds East) Samples consist of partial cross-sections collected from a total of 30 mature trees from the natural forest felled for harvest in June, during the logging seasons (dry season) between 2008 and 2010. Cross sections were obtained from 0.25-0.5 m above the ground level. About 25% of the natural grown forest tree samples were reliably crossdated however because of anatomical variability common to tropical species (e.g., ring wedging) we were restricted to determining the number of annual rings on the remaining samples by simply counting the number of annual rings. However, we are confident in the annual nature of the rings in general (Remane and Therrell, 2015) and age estimates likely only deviate slightly (1-5 years) from the true age. Following age determination, each ring from a single radius per tree, was measured on a stage micrometer to a nominal precision of 0.001 mm. These tree ring width data were accumulated from the innermost (pith) to the outermost ring (exclusive of bark) and were doubled to approximate the total stem diameter (TSD). Heartwood diameter was measured along one radii of each stem cross-section of the 30 trees sampled from the natural forest and 10 young, plantation grown stems. Heartwood percentage was determined by dividing HD by TSD.