Spectroscopic cross sections and HTP line-shape parameters for CO-Ar 0-1 P(2), P(8) lines

Published: 21 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z373fdsjkk.1
Grzegorz Kowzan, Piotr Wcislo, Piotr Maslowski, Alexandra Viel, Michał Słowiński, Franck THIBAULT


fig1_P2.csv, fig1_P8.csv: Spectroscopic cross sections for pressure broadening, shift and velocity changes for the P(2) and P(8) line. Five columns of data in each file, in order: collision kinetic energy in cm-1, real part of sigma_0^1, imaginary part of sigma_0^1, real part of sigma_1^1, imaginary part of sigma_1^1. Cross sections are expressed in Angstrom^2. fig2_P2_abinitio.csv, fig2_P8_abinitio.csv: HTP line-shape parameters derived directly from ab initio cross sections. Seven columns of data in each file, in order: temperature in K, pressure shift, speed dependence of pressure shift, correlation parameter, pressure width, speed-dependent pressure width, frequency of velocity-changing collisions. All line-shape parameters except correlation parameter are in cm-1/atm. The correlation parameter is dimensionless. fig2_P2_approximate.csv, fig2_P8_approximate.csv: same as fig2_P2_abinitio.csv, fig2_P8_abinitio.csv, except the parameters were obtained by approximating the actual parameters with linear or power-law functions. tab1_P2.csv, tab1_P2.csv: HTP line-shape parameters at four reference temperature: 50, 150, 296 and 700 K, and their temperature dependence coefficients.



Molecular Spectroscopy, Lineshape